The beginning of the Life of Kai

We start our story with a tiny icon on HelloTalk, a language exchange app recommended by a friend. This tiny icon was the only glimpse of a smart looking, slender Chinese boy with glasses that I could see as he befriended me. He sent me a message and asked if I’d like to be friends … Continue reading

Seagull in a Penguin Suit

It’s so sweet and romantic how penguins find their one true love and mate for life. Everybody in unison; Awwwww! Pondering this today, a story popped into my head. What if a penguin married a penguin (for life) only to discover her partner was actually a seagull? In disguise?! Fascinated by my hypothetical scenario, you … Continue reading

A Very Jenny Christmas

My mum, Jenny was a kindhearted, generous, thoughtful and giving woman.  Her favourite time of year was Christmas. Mum loved giving, she loved everything that Christmas stood for.  A tradition that began long long ago, was a gift; a plush Christmas tree, that mum would hand make for all of her friends in time for … Continue reading

She sees the sea shore 

She walked across the hot sand, her feet burning with every step as she drew closer to the waters edge. The suns rays taunted her pale skin yet illuminated her golden hair as it moved gently in the warm breeze. Onlookers gazed at her beauty; what a vision she was against the picturesque horizon.  Standing … Continue reading


I love this song by Marina and the Diamonds but the lyrics weren’t relatable to me. I changed them so they were. Enjoy! You know I won’t love you  So what’s the use? What’s the point in playing a game you’re gonna lose? What’s the point in saying “I love you like a friend”? What’s … Continue reading

The words that battered Me

For every time you spoke down to me, used words to try and harm me, used me as the source of your jokes, this is for you.  Words can comfort you like a warm hug or bruise you like a punch.  When you use them for praise, words uplift you, make you feel valued and … Continue reading

Broken Bridge

In every rapport we establish, be it the nature of an accquiantance, friendship, partnership or something deeper, we develop a connection.  Inspired by the colloquial saying “Don’t burn your bridges” I like to think of these connections as bridges. The connections vary in size, structure and integrity; not unike various types of bridges.  The type … Continue reading

The Changing 

Isn’t it fascinating how we each grow and evolve into newer versions of ourselves? Little by little we begin to change, we see life differently and we begin to open our eyes to things that we were once oblivious to.  It happens to all of us.  For some people the change is minor and they … Continue reading

Farewell bag of stones 

WARNING This post contains images that may be sensitive or offend some viewers.  My medical journey throughout my life has been eventful to say the least. Born with viral meningitis which severed the nerve connecting my left ear to my brain, rendering me deaf in one ear, to now, an unknown cause of persistently high … Continue reading

Tooth Fairy, you scared me!

Warning; this blog may contain claims that may be sensitive to some readers. Do not read to your children.  Yesterday Spencer lost his front tooth and he was so excited about the impending visit from the tooth fairy.  Adorned with a gaping chasm, he enthusiastically went to sleep.  Midnight rolled around and I happily set … Continue reading

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